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Difference Between Casement and Double Hung Windows

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Use this quick guide to understand the difference between casement and double hung windows!

Double hung windows:

  • Less ventilation, only one sash can be opened at a time, top or bottom, but never both.
  • Not as airtight as casement windows, more prone to leakage.
  • Sash balancing system must be maintained for window to operate correctly
  • Top sash is prone to “sash drift” over time due to top sash not engaging upper seals fully. Sash does not seat and drifts downward preventing a tight seal.
  • Cleaning a heavy double hung window is a challenge and is definitely a two-hand operation.
  • Sashes must be supported while cleaning which isn’t always an easy task with two heavy sashes open at once. After cleaning, the sash must be realigned in the vertical tracks and the upper sashes must be correctly fitted along top of window frame to get the window to seal.
  • Horizontal sashes of the double hung window interrupt view to outside with horizontal sash lines.

Casement windows:

  • Provide full-size window opening for ventilation
  • Tilt/turn casement windows allow for top of window to open in tilt position for trickle ventilation yet still give security.
  • Casement windows are very difficult to break into as the securing hardware is embedded in the frame. Double hung can be pried open with a pry bar detaching the sash lock screws from the wood.
  • Casement windows are significantly more airtight than double hung windows. No operating window closes tighter or more securely than a casement window.
  • Casement windows are much more energy efficient and less draft prone than double hung windows.
  • No sash drift occurs with casement windows as they are not dependant on a horizontal balance system.
  • Cleaning in-swinging Gaulhofer casement windows is easy, each window is fully supported, open and accessible during cleaning. No realignment of sashes after cleaning is required.
  • Casement windows can be configured with traditional muntins to give a look comparable.
  • Support and frame of casement windows are vertical providing the appearance of more uninterrupted visibility than double hung.
  • Casement windows provide an larger, easier exit during an emergency as compared to a double hung window. No other style of window can be opened so far.
  • Casement windows require very little maintenance.
  • Gaulhofer windows provide superior tilt/turn ease of operation without the use of old-fashioned cranks.
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